Corchetes® made of cork

Design and production of pieces and developments inspired by cork exploration.

Argentine Industrial Design | In-House Production

Corchetes® is design, innovation and respect for the environment from the use of natural resources and nobles that nature provides us.

Its main objective is the exploration and conscious transformation of cork: natural, available, renewable and recyclable material; in creating unique products that cross differents areas on a quest to return to nature.

Its founders are designers Erika Salerno and Lautaro Leonardi, who meet while studying industrial design at the UBA (University of Buenos Aires). As designers, their roads are in search of unexplored materials that come from sustainable and available sources.

Corchetes® made ​​of cork was born in Buenos Aires in 2011. Is a company where cork is the protagonist, materialized in objects and processes in multiple forms, color, textures and combinations with other materials. A kind of #CultToCork where the main purpose is to focus on this material and its use in different areas.

  •  In 2010 begin testing the material and deepen this experimentation where the premise is to investigate different processes to shape and volume cork designing objects, mainly created from their properties.
  • Corchetes born on October 12, 2011 appearing first in 'Innovar' Argentina - National Innovation Competition. 
  • In 2012 the line 'Corchetes made of cork' get the Seal Good Design awarded by the Ministry of Industry of the Nation Argentina. 
  • That same year Corchetes wins the contest Incuba VIII in Buenos Aires City and moves its offices to the Metropolitan Design Center, Design District in Barracas Town. Buenos Aires City.
  • Returnes at Innovar 2012 with Pin][ pendant Lamp.
  • In 2013 Corchetes began selling its products at tiendamalba, from MALBA MUSEUM of Buenos Aires City and market their products around the world. 
  • Same year is selected by Creatividad Ética for the exhibition of Argentine design Design Abroad in Torino and Palermo, Italy. 
  • In that same year the Corchea][ Lamp is selected for unpublished content Connections category Industrial Design at Puro Diseño exhibition, while selects the Pin][ lamp for the promotional poster for the exhibition in 2012 .
  • Then is nominated by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade of the City of Buenos Aires, UNESCO City of Design, to represent the city in Shenzhen DAY SZ Design Award for young talents.
  • In 2014 participates in the Exhibition RECOVERY: THE POWER OF DESIGN Shenzhen China Shenzhen Exhibition for Design Award for Young talents SZ • DAY) 2013 & Association in Cooperation with UNESCO Creative Cities Network ". 
  • In April moves to a new space where installed his studio located in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires.
  • The same year begins to market their products at the prestigious design store Vinçon in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
  • In July is selected by the magazine Clarin DNI ARQ among the 25 promises of Local Design .
  • Same year is part of the exhibition of Argentine Industrial Design in Guadalajara, Mexico "OBJETÍSTICA Contemporary Argentina" summoned by the Foreign Ministry. 
  • Same year is selected to participate with designers worldwide, Italian Book DESIGN FOR 2015 with three new products Roma][ desktop and floor Lamp and Pendant Lamp Lune][.
  • In 2016, a new line is opened alongside Selva Mariana Alegre Yoga in the creation of a new collection of products for the practice of Yoga: ALEGRE SELVA®
  • In 2017 & 2018 it remains active in the search and development of new processes and in the combination of cork with new materials, new alliances, new products and larger scale products working on special developments in cork for the resolution of products and parts for companies and industries.
  • That same year is selected by the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Commerce and the Ministry of Production of the Argentine Nation to participate in the first edition of the EXPORT GOOD DESIGN Program.
  • In March 2018 opens corchetes CAFÉ® h e c h o a m a n & n a t u r a l. A Coffee Store to make known and expand the experiences and the senses about the culture of cork in an environment with all the products in use at the table and the environment; product shop Corchetes® made of cork and collection point of natural corks for later recycling.


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