CORK: natural, available, renewable and recyclable material that is obtained from the oak bark of the tree without damaging it.

Corchetes® used as raw material recovered cork wine stoppers. The collected corks stoppers are selected, washed and processed for reuse.

Corchetes® no waste of material in the manufacturing process, also; all products that are defective in this process are recovered for reuse 

Cork extraction is sustainable and profitable is synonymous with conservation alcornocal oak warranty, because if there is no demand for cork forests lose their economic value and can be abandoned or diverted to other uses involving destruction.

In addition to its ability to produce oxygen, a feature common to all the trees, the oaks have a unique cellular structure that allows them to retain carbon dioxide, which is the main cause of global warming.

This tree has a capacity for regeneration than the nine years between each crop grows and is ready for harvest cork again. That is a material available and renewable. In this process, each time the skin is regenerated cork acts as a green lung for the planet because it absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide. The oaks are responsible for the retention of more than fourteen million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

Cork oak forests are delicately balanced ecosystems. Cork trees can grow to a height of 82 meters and live up to 300 years. The bark of this tree is surprising to the scientific community for its excellent properties: protects the vital parts of the tree from weather, fire, ensuring its renewal, in a life cycle that crosses generations and ensures the environmental sustainability.

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