Selva Alegre Yoga® by Corchetes®

Mariana Selva Alegre Yoga & Corchetes® way into a new category and come together to generate good energy and alignment in creating a new collection of products for the practice of Yoga: ALEGRE SELVA®

Duna ][ roll & Prisma ][ block of natural cork

Now you can practice Yoga by expanding the possibilities of relaxing muscles and also relieving injuries. Prisma][ and Duna][ elements Alegre Selva Yoga® by Corchetes® are designed to help you in the #asanas, giving you more security in the balance and in the realization of them, among other qualities.

The elements in the practice of yoga are used to enhance and contribute to the development of postures and stretching. Cork : natural material in contact with the skin has the ability to reduce pain caused by cramps.

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